Map your curriculum with Rubicon Atlas

Connect the planned, Taught, and Learned curriculum

To become an effective school, planning plays an important role. Atlas is one of the best platform that is designed to help facilitate curriculum enhancement. Using Atlas consists of vital elements of mapping such as documentation, analysis and collaboration. And it’s all done transparently through web based, password protected online platform. Since Atlas is a web based and shared platform, it enables teachers and administrators to see the broader picture of the curriculum.

In Atlas, teachers can create unit plans and share with colleagues easily. It has simple user interface and powerful tools to feedback and collaborate. As seen below, some units can be year long or in a sequential order.


Here is a short welcoming video showing the Atlas platform.

Atlas has so many to offer, please visit their website to learn more at Rubicon

Blab! What is it?

Blab social conferencing

Social media channels are all around us. Social learning, photo sharing, videos etc. Recently, I’ve came across an exciting tool which is called “blab”. It’s still beta version but I am sure it’s going to spread out quickly.
“Blab lets anyone have their own show “. It’s very simple create live show. With a topic and 2-4 people you are ready to go. Your twitter account takes care of singing up procedure.

Teachers can use this tool to interview other people, or create joint conversations with other schools. It’s only limited to teacher’s creativity. Give it a try here 

A short video to look at blab


Social Learning-Edmodo


Edmodo is one of the popular “social learning platform” website for teachers, students and parents. Its appearance is very similar to Facebook. It’s often marketed as a Facebook for learning/school. One of the major distinction from Facebook is the level of control that teacher has it. Teachers can create discussions or post notes to class or classes exclusively. Students and parents need a sign up code to join the classes. Parents will only see their child’s progress or assignments. This way they can monitor easily. No forgotten homework or notes 🙂

Edmodo is not limited to web browser, it has an app for IOS, Android and Windows Store. If you log in to your app as a teacher, you will see more options and tools than students.

Learning is not happening only inside the classroom. We are all learners and we learn socially by interacting around us. This is a great tool for motivating and sharing content socially and fun.

Here is a short video of Edmodo at a glance.

Introducing Aurasma

Aurasma is one of the most popular and cutting-edge technologies being used in schools around the world today enabling teachers to connect digital content (such as videos) to images in books and classroom walls. Aurasma offers a uniquely inventive, fun and holistic way of engaging students of all ages.

Aurasma’s platform includes a powerful drag-and-drop web studio that enables anyone to easily create, manage, and track augmented reality experiences.

Create your own account in the Aurasma studio in the link below.

You can create Auras in the studio account or using the Aurasma AP on your iPad. When you are creating an Aura in the Aurasma account, the overlay/video file must be under 100mb. You can easily import your video to iMovie and change the quality and resolution to reduce the size. There is no such issue when creating using the iPads.

Watch your classroom come alive before your eyes.

Aurasma is an excellent tool to use to showcase the excellent work of your children during student led conferences or any occasion that your parents are visiting your class or school.

The article below gives some excellent suggestions for how to integrate Aurasma in the classroom.

Download (DOCX, 105KB)




Send large files easily

In old times, we were keep emailing photos or files to friends. Now, it’s changed with a cloud computing services. It’s very easy to share and access files and folders on cloud. I’d like to introduce

This is what they say about themselves;

“We like to keep things simple. And so we transfer your files from A to B. Free of stress and of charge. We’ve been doing so since 2009. We love what we do and we think it shows. To date we have transferred millions of files safely to practically every corner of the world. Simple, safe, good looking & for everyone.”

The free version lets you transfer up to 2GB. And one of the best thing is you don’t have to sign up or register to their website.

Need more information or video explanation watch this:

Create a video in a minute

Animoto is web based video creating site for all ages. It’s not limited to web browser but also you can use the app to use in IOS or Android platform. Creating a story in a video format is a powerful way of delivering message. Teachers can use this site with students while they are creating portfolios or other projects. Teachers can also create classrooms and add students using the control panel in Animoto.

There are many pre-recorded songs and themes available to choose from. After creating the video, it’s a single click away to share on Facebook, Youtube or other sites.

Are you interested in? Watch the video below.
For more information visit the site



ClassDojo can be used to build  positive behaviour with your students. The feedbacks are given instantly that encourage students. You can also communicate parents and share how the students are doing using ClassDojo messaging. There is an option for teacher to share the classroom with other teachers or administrators as well. They can give points or view the student’s progress.

There are many options or possibilities that you can use in your classroom. If you want to learn more click the link.

Watch the student video

ClassDojo for parents

The hour of code – Improve your problem solving skills

Computer coding or programming sounds scary for many people. Lots of lines or symbols all around the screen. Your mind will change with this website and event. It’s a global event which encourages people for all ages even kindergarteners about computer programming.

Who doesn’t like angry bird? It’s one of the favourite game for many of us. In code website, you will be in charge of bird and try to get the pig by using visual programming blocks. It’s so simple to start and it has plenty of explanations and videos to learn.

I recommend to start with course 1 and later continue the others. It’s very visual and fun way to learn problem solving.

You can follow the link to learn more

Your virtual wall-Padlet

Padlet is your virtual wall and you think of it as an online paper. You can create Padlets and post documents, photos or any other file in your computer or in web. Padlets can be used as collaboratively with you colleagues or students. They can write or read according to your settings.

Here is a video that I created to explain in more details.

Use Word Cloud with your students

Have you ever come across with all different words spread around on a page? and wondered how to do it. It’s very simple actually with the help of Web 2.0 technology.
There are some websites that let’s you can create with your students easily in classroom. You can do brainstorm activity while your are projecting the site. They love adding words to the list.Here is my preference “ABCya! for kids“, because it’s simple and kid friendly. After you create word cloud, you can easily save it in your computer. And the best thing with ABCya is you can edit the text.

here is an example that I created;