Introducing Aurasma

Aurasma is one of the most popular and cutting-edge technologies being used in schools around the world today enabling teachers to connect digital content (such as videos) to images in books and classroom walls. Aurasma offers a uniquely inventive, fun and holistic way of engaging students of all ages.

Aurasma’s platform includes a powerful drag-and-drop web studio that enables anyone to easily create, manage, and track augmented reality experiences.

Create your own account in the Aurasma studio in the link below.

You can create Auras in the studio account or using the Aurasma AP on your iPad. When you are creating an Aura in the Aurasma account, the overlay/video file must be under 100mb. You can easily import your video to iMovie and change the quality and resolution to reduce the size. There is no such issue when creating using the iPads.

Watch your classroom come alive before your eyes.

Aurasma is an excellent tool to use to showcase the excellent work of your children during student led conferences or any occasion that your parents are visiting your class or school.

The article below gives some excellent suggestions for how to integrate Aurasma in the classroom.

Download (DOCX, 105KB)