Social Learning-Edmodo


Edmodo is one of the popular “social learning platform” website for teachers, students and parents. Its appearance is very similar to Facebook. It’s often marketed as a Facebook for learning/school. One of the major distinction from Facebook is the level of control that teacher has it. Teachers can create discussions or post notes to class or classes exclusively. Students and parents need a sign up code┬áto join the classes. Parents will only see their child’s progress or assignments. This way they can monitor easily. No forgotten homework or notes ­čÖé

Edmodo is not limited to web browser, it has an app for IOS, Android and Windows Store. If you log in to your app as a teacher, you will see more options and tools than students.

Learning is not happening only inside the classroom. We are all learners and we learn socially by interacting around us. This is a great tool for motivating and sharing content socially and fun.

Here is a short video of Edmodo at a glance.